(05.06.2015 / sve)

UPM papers meet the highest environmental standards in WWF’s Check-your-paper tool

WWF’s Check-your-paper (CYP) tool is a public database for pulp and paper products with high environmental standards. The CYP method focuses on a limited number of environmental parameters including how well forests supplying fibre are managed, use of recycled fibre, fossil CO2 emissions, waste going to landfills and water pollution from mills. UPM has been part of CYP since the very beginning and was one of the first companies to rate papers in the tool. The used method is simple but not simplistic and has been developed and fine-tuned by WWF since 2007, in cooperation with scientists, paper buyers, producers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

"UPM has shown the importance it gives to transparency and environmental performance by publicly disclosing the environmental impact of several of its uncoated and coated papers on WWF’s Check Your Paper. WWF invites pulp and paper producers to join WWF Environmental Paper Award 2016 by listing their papers on CYP," states Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Manager, Forest Product Consumption & Footprint, WWF International.


"We promote transparency in our activities and consider WWF’s Check-your-Paper as one good way to increase it. The tool helps customers to identify the most environmentally sound paper products. We have cooperated with WWF to develop the tool and this work continues." says Päivi Rissanen, Director, Environment and Responsibility, UPM Paper ENA.