(02.11.2022 / sbr)

Eija Pitkänen to join Metsäliitto Cooperative’s Board of Directors

At a meeting held on 27 October 2022, the Supervisory Board of Metsä Group’s parent company, Metsäliitto Cooperative, elected Eija Pitkänen as a new member of the cooperative's Board of Directors as of 1 January 2023. Pitkänen has extensive international experience in corporate responsibility matters. She currently works at Telia Finland Oy as Sustainability, Ethics & Compliance and Risk Officer. Previously, she has worked, for example, as Stora Enso Oyj's SVP, Sustainability.

Jussi Linnaranta and Mikko Mäkimattila were elected to continue as members of the Board of Directors. Timo Saukkonen, who has been a Board member since 2007, will leave the Board of Directors at the end of 2022.