(22.12.2020 / sbr)

Toscotec successfully completes a dryer section rebuild at Aviretta, Germany

Toscotec successfully completed a post dryer section rebuild at German containerboard producer Aviretta. The project was executed according to the original schedule, despite Covid-19 restrictions. The paper machine (PM4) produces fluting from 60 to 130 g/m2.

Toscotec supplied nine TT SteelDryers of over 7 m face width equipped with insulation system. One TT SteelDryer also features a ceramic/teflon cover to guarantee high cleanliness following the size press. The scope included condensate spoiler bars, steam joints, bearings and housings, and spares. Toscotec provided Aviretta with a complete set of services, including engineering, disassembly, erection, commissioning, and start-up assistance.

Thomas Reibelt, Project Manager for Aviretta GmbH, says, “The cooperation with Toscotec was very good right from the beginning. We are happy to have worked with a supplier who has such a significant experience with rebuilds. The new TT SteelDryers have been performing very well since start-up, with good results in drying capacity and energy efficiency.” 

Stefano Baldi, Toscotec’s Project Manager, says, “We implemented this project during the Covid-19 restrictions. We couldn’t travel to the mill to take the necessary field data for our engineering design, like we normally do at the beginning of a new project. With full support from Aviretta, we never stopped progressing with our work and managed to complete the project according to the original schedule.”