(03/12/2020 / sbr)

Corex at Interpack

Corex and Blue Box Partners (BBP) will share a stand at Europe’s leading packaging show to underline the importance of sustainability and highlight their collaborative expertise to deliver a partnership for paper-based packaging solutions.

Corex, the cores, tubes and edge protectors division of VPK Group, will showcase its latest sustainable designs in spiral wound packaging solutions for consumer and industrial products. It will be joined by BBP, the pan-European Alliance for corrugated board packaging solutions, to jointly champion a focus on sustainability and the benefits that the coalition can bring to customers. 

Together both companies provide a complete range of paper-based packaging products, from primary tube packaging to channel-specific secondary packaging designed for e-commerce and retail.

Customers are able to see the benefit of packaging their individual products throughout the supply chain, with the team of packaging experts from BBP and Corex delivering a simplified process and improved results.

At the show, Corex will highlight its consumer packaging range featuring the latest eye-catching graphic packaging for high-end luxury brands as well as food, drink, cosmetics, fashion and technology sectors, alongside its traditional industrial packaging.

Roel Verbinnen, global accounts & marketing director of Corex, said: “While spiral wound packaging has traditionally been used within industrial applications, the growing demand for sustainable, recyclable packaging from brand owners has meant that our cardboard packaging tubes are increasingly in demand.

“Our products, cores and edge protectors are all made from recycled paper as well as being fully recyclable themselves.

“This circular approach, combined with the opportunity to combine their supply with additional packaging from our alliance with BBP, means that we are ideally placed to provide the total packaging solution that consumer brands now want.”

The BBP team will highlight the benefits to customers of managing the supply of corrugated and paper packaging across a European-wide network.

The network model was established to ensure that each customer’s tailor-made cardboard packaging could be delivered precisely when and where needed, to consistent specifications. The BBP network also minimises the environmental impact by optimising the whole supply chain. 

“Every business is now focused on the principles of sustainability in the widest sense,” said Armin Höttges, managing director at BBP.

“Corrugated cardboard and base paper, with their closed materials cycle based on renewable sources, are enabling more companies to utilise our sustainable packaging solutions and then have them manufactured and delivered across Europe through our partner network.

“This approach ensures we provide packaging that minimises its environmental impact, while maximising the service to customers. And delivering the protection, functionality and brand impact across the supply chain that today’s branded products and goods demand.”