(11/04/2019 / sbr)

Metsä Group launches Green Finance Framework

Metsä Group’s Green Finance Framework integrates sustainability and climate change mitigation to the Group’s investments and related financing activities. The framework is based on the Group’s strategy and the strategic sustainability objectives for 2030. The framework covers the whole value chain from sustainably managed Northern forests to modern production technologies and to current and new bioproducts that are recyclable and store carbon for the entire life-span.

The uses of proceeds under the framework will focus on:

  • ensuring sustainable forest management practices and safeguarding biodiversity based on credible forest management schemes PEFC and FSC
  • improving resource-efficiency and utilization of the production side streams
  • increasing the share of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency
  • preventing and/or decreasing emissions to air and water
  • reducing the use of process water
  • taking circular and bioeconomy innovations from R&D phase to production and full commercialisation

Metsä Group works towards mitigation of climate change. “Our strategic sustainability objectives, such as having fossil free mills by 2030, steer our long-term development and investment plans. This Green Finance Framework supports the financing of selected, eligible, sustainable investment projects and the transparent reporting on the environmental impacts of such projects financed,” says Ari-Pekka Latti, Group Treasurer of Metsä Group.

Sustainalytics, a global independent provider of ESG and corporate governance research and ratings, has provided a review and an external second party opinion to the Framework. Sustainalytics is of the opinion that Metsä Group’s investments into the development of circular bioproducts, modern production technology and efficient processes are credible and impactful.

Metsä Group is committed to transparent and reliable reporting and communication on the projects financed within the scope of the Framework on Nordea has acted as an advisor in the development of the Framework.