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Haptik Award 2019: The Winners Are Here!

Paperazzo is delighted to announce the winners of the Paperazzo Haptik Award 2019. There were winners in seven categories. The Haptik Award, organised by the B2B magazine Paperazzo, honors high-quality paper and print products which put the tactile experience at the forefront. With the targeted use of haptic elements, paper and print products gain a competitive advantage compared to internet & co. Only when media and print products achieve this successfully, people, whose visual and auditory senses have long been overloaded, can really “feel” something.

The idea of the Haptik Award is therefore to present exceptional and high-quality paper and print products to the public and to demonstrate their attraction compared to digital media. The award thus contributes to the entire paper and print industry.

A four-person jury was tasked with deciding on the winners in seven categories, which they chose from a variety of exciting, innovative and practical submissions. The jury was composed of experts from the areas of design, illustration, art, DIY and calligraphy:

  • Ulrike Gros – DIY workshop instructor
  • Ji-Yun Guttmann – Designer at All Left Thumbs, Instagram: @allleftthumbs
  • Lilli Kiraly – The Arts and Crafts Association in Frankfurt am Main e.V.,
  • Sandra Mack – Calligrapher, Instagram: @sjm_creates

The winners of the Haptik Award 2019 in seven categories are:

Business Stationery
Prägemanufaktur – Submission: “Manufaktur Visitenkarte” (business card)

Invitation and Greeting Cards
WINTER & COMPANY – Submission: “organoide Weihnachtskarte” (Christmas card)

Business Reports/Image Brochures/Customer Magazines/Catalogues
druckpartner Druck- und Medienhaus Essen – Submission: “Lidl”

Egger Druck + Medien GmbH – Submission: “Weinverpackung Oberhofer” (wine packaging)

Fuchs Druck GmbH – Submission: “I’M FREE”

Direct Mailing
Serviceplan Solutions 1 GmbH & Co. KG – Submission: “BMW Driving Experience Incentive Mailing”

Next Generation
Gutenbergschule Frankfurt – Submission: “Battlerap ist Kunst” (Design: Miriam Trowitzsch, Kassim Majura, Julian Kling)

Paperazzo thanks all companies, designers, creatives and printers who submitted their works. A special thanks goes to our wonderful jury composed of paper lovers and experts, who had to make the difficult decision to pick the winners out of many wonderful submissions.

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