(07/08/2019 / sbr)

Valmet to deliver two Defibrator systems to Heze Baishida Wood and Jiangsu Ronghui Wood in China

Valmet will supply two Defibrator™ systems to the Bashida Group in China, one to Heze Baishida Wood, and another one to Jiangsu Ronghui Wood. The start-up of the two systems is planned for spring 2020. The order is included in Valmet’s orders received of the third quarter 2019. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

”We have good experiences with Valmet’s Defibrator systems. This will bring us big advantages in our production performance and improve the quality in our products,” says Chen Zenghua, Sales Director at Baishida Group. 

”With the new Defibrator system, we will be able to increase our production capacity. Valmet is also our preferred supplier for future investments,” says Zhu Yongbiao, one of the owner at Jiangsu Ronghui Wood.

“We have a long relation with Baishida Group, and it is a win-win situation with these two new orders. Valmet has the machinery with the best performance, and next Evolution Defibrator (EVO) user meeting in September will be at Baishida site in Shandong, China,” says Leif Sundberg, Sales Manager, Pulp and Energy, Valmet.

Valmet’s scope of supply includes an EVO 50 System. The Defibrator system is an essential part in a fiberboard line. The material from Valmet's system has a minimum of shives and low fines content, which is a prerequisite for successful fiberboard production.

Baishida Group is one of the largest companies in fiberboard business in China and the headquarter is located in Jining City, Shandong Province. Baishida has 8 branch mills and the total production capacity of fiberboard is about 1 million m³ per year. The products are mainly used for floors and furniture.

Heze Baishida Wood and Ronghui Wood are MDF mills, belonging to the Baishida Group.

Photo: Valmet