Voith Installs MasterJet Pro Headbox at Unionpel Mill in San Justo, Argentina

Unionpel, one of Argentina's leading packaging paper manufacturers, chose Voith to supply its new MasterJet Pro headbox fitted with EdgeMaster format limiters for its paper machine (PM1) that operates at its San Justo mill, located in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

The new Voith MasterJet Pro headbox allowed the manufacturer to achieve significant improvements in paper web formation, as well as a significant decrease of CD basis weight variations. The erection, commissioning and start-up services were completed as scheduled, and the machine’s commercial production was resumed immediately after start-up.

Voith is a strategic supplier for Unionpel, not only because it is acquainted with the paper machine’s critical areas, but also because the German multinational manufacturer operates a subsidiary in Argentina, which has enabled it to establish important partnership with its customers by and thereby offer products, services and solutions more quickly and accurately. 

Voith MasterJet Pro Headbox

The precision and accuracy of the headbox’s design and manufacture are fundamental requirements, since they determine the quality of the paper web formation and reduce CD profile variations, while also allowing for production increases. 

Voith’s MasterJet Pro headboxes offer outstanding dimensional stability thanks to their design with built-in force compensation, which ensures good basis-weight profiles as well as a good web formation. Additionally, Voith MasterJet Pro headboxes incorporate the proven lamella technology that ensures streak-free web formation.

sbr / 03/20/2019

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