The Paperazzo Haptik Award is Back

The Haptik Award competition by the trade magazine Paperazzo is back for 2019. The award honors high-quality paper and print products with a focus on tactile experiences.

The B2B magazine Paperazzo focused on paper, packaging and paper design provides exciting reading material on the most diverse types of paper combined with discerning finishing and printing processes. The magazine’s Haptik Award honors high-quality paper and print products, which put the haptical experience at the forefront. With the targeted use of haptic elements, paper and print products gain a competitive advantage compared to the internet & co.

Tactile Experience at the Center

Only when media and print products achieve this advantage successfully, people, whose visual and auditory senses have long been overloaded, can really "feel" something. The idea of the Haptik Award is therefore to present exceptional and high-quality paper and print products to the public and to demonstrate the attraction in comparison to digital media. The award thus contributes to the entire paper and print industry.

The Competition 2019 has Started!

Also, the Haptik Award 2019 is focused on exceptional and premium paper and printed products, which underline and promote their means to transfer their message with the use of haptic elements. All submissions should mirror the continuing appeal of haptic perception to transmit messages and its advantages compared to other sensory perception and media.

There are six categories at the Haptik Award 2019:

  • business stationery
  • invitation and greeting cards
  • business reports / image brochures / customer magazines / catalogues
  • packaging
  • books
  • direct mailing

Submissions are also possible for two Special Awards:

  • Next Generation
  • Paperazzo Special Award Paper

Deadline for entries is June 3rd, 2019.

Info on the award, how to enter the competition and registration is available at www.paperazzo.de and Instagram @paperazzo_magazine or follow #haptikaward2019.

sbr / 03/06/2019

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