(01/13/2016 / rkj)

Ari Saario appointed Director, Research & Development at Valmet

To strengthen Valmet's R&D operations Mr. Ari Saario (D.Sc. Tech.) has been appointed Director, R&D at Valmet as of January 18, 2016. He will report to Juha Lappalainen, Senior Vice President of Valmet's Strategy and Operational Development corporate function.

The aim of Valmet's research and technology development work is to ensure an advanced and competitive offering of technologies and services, enhance raw material and energy efficiency, and to promote the use of renewable raw materials. The R&D director position is new in the company, and Ari Saario will concentrate on ensuring an effective R&D process and commercialization of new innovations, right R&D project portfolio and a clear R&D road-map to secure Valmet's technological leadership also in the future.

"Valmet's strong R&D infrastructure is built around our 16 own R&D centers and pilot facilities. We have over 400 R&D professionals around the globe and around 1,800 protected inventions. As a result of our R&D work, we have continuously improved our products and services and brought new innovations to market. With this new position we aim to create an even more focused R&D process and portfolio, and accelerate the commercialization of new innovations," says Juha Lappalainen, Senior Vice President of Valmet's Strategy and Operational Development.

Ari Saario moves to this new position from Valmet's Pulp and Energy business line's R&D function. He has a strong background in technology and R&D from Oilon, Metso and Valmet. He has versatile experience of more than 10 years in research and technology development, R&D team leadership and R&D funding.