(11/25/2013 / sha)

Sustainable Forest Initiative: Partnership with Scouts Canada

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Scouts Canada have announced a new partnership aimed at strengthening and expanding their mutual goals for environmental stewardship.

“Scouts Canada is a national leader in developing lifelong values and conservation ethics among youth in Canada so it’s a natural fit for us to work together to improve the environment and our communities,” says Kathy Abusow, SFI President and CEO. “This builds on our relationship with Scouts Canada, teaching youth about sustainable forestry, environmental conservation, and using natural resources wisely - of course, all while having fun.”

“Scouts Canada is proud to partner with SFI,” says Andrew Price, Scouts Canada Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Governors. “One of our organization’s main pillars is environmental stewardship; educating our youth about sustainable forestry clearly complements this focus. Since 1978, Scouts Canada’s youth have planted more than 80 million trees nation-wide. Our work with SFI will support both our current and ongoing environmental program initiatives.”

SFI and Scouts Canada will continue to team up on various projects that are in the works throughout 2014. SFI’s most recent support of Scouts Canada includes the 2012 ADVenture event, where Scouts participated in a joint SFI and First Nation’s tree planting ceremony to promote future healthy forests and give thanks to the local forest land. Additionally, Scouts used lumber certified to the SFI Standard to construct obstacle courses in an effort to increase their awareness about certified wood products and sustainably managed forests.