(11/15/2013 / sha)

Illim: Starting production of Russia's first coated freesheet

Ilim Group has launched production of the country's first coated freesheet. After the ramp-up, Ilim Group will produce up to 90,000 t/y of high-quality matte and gloss double-coated paper, with basis weight ranging from 80 to 150 g/m2.

Coated paper will be available under ‘Omela’ brand in rolls and sheets in the sizes which are most popular in the domestic market. It is produced at the new line built by Ilim Group at its mill in Koryazhma, Arkhangelsk Oblast, within the framework of its large-scale 'Big Koryazhma' investment project worth more than USD 270 million.

Upon completion of this project, Ilim Group has installed Russia's most advanced state-of-the-art paper machine and an off-machine coater which will together produce more than 220,000 t/y of offset, cut-size and coated paper per annum.