Metso: Supplying Finland's largest pellet-fired heating plant

Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy, Tampere, is based on a technological solution that is the first of its kind in the country. Previously, peak load plants have been using fossil fuels because there was no other technology available.
The plant is mainly fired with wood pellets and its heat output is around 33 MW. The plant has replaced some of the capacity of the oil- and gas-fired boiler plants and has thus helped substantially reduce the CO2 emissions from the production of district heat. The plant has been producing environmentally friendly energy in Tampere since December. Metso's delivery comprised a complete turn-key boiler plant solution and Metso DNA automation system. The new plant operates unmanned with remote monitoring from the main control room of the Lielahti power plant. The technology used at the plant is based on the pellet fuel being pulverized in separate grinding mills and burned in a pulverized combustion boiler. Pulverized pellet combustion is new to Finland, but Metso has been using it in Sweden on a smaller scale. sha / 05/21/2013

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