(04/02/2024 / sbr)

BW Converting at Paper & Tissue One Show in Abu Dhabi

Despite political and social barriers and the current and historic conflicts between various states, the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) tissue converting market is currently one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing in demand for tissue products for both consumer and commercial use. The Paper and Tissue One show will present the latest technologies and solutions to this dynamic market April 16 to 18 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. BW Converting’s Hygiene division -- which comprises PCMC, W+D, Stax and Northern Engraving – will present manufacturers with an unparalleled combination of machinery and systems for tissue and hygiene converting, packaging and folding to address every need, from end-to-end.

According to a recent Fisher International report, MENA is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, with the population expected to reach over 600 million by 2050. “This growth is accompanied by an increase in disposable income, making tissue products more affordable for more people, and consequently to an increased use of these for personal hygiene and cleaning,” according to the report. MENA tissue demand is focused on facial tissues and hankies (40%), followed by toilet paper (35%) and towel and napkins (25%).

“In recent years, the MENA region has experienced constant growth in the tissue market. Our BW Converting Hygiene division has always been careful to follow and anticipate the dynamics of such an important market, being able to offer our customers the best technological solution for each product segment,” said Sergio Casella, President, BW Converting Hygiene Division.

Partnering with converters to meet the demands of this burgeoning market, PCMC will introduce the 2.0 evolution of AmicaMia, a pre-configured tissue converting line designed to have manufacturers up and running in minimal time, with all the essential features at a competitive cost.

Also new is the Forte Series of rewinders, built with conceptual simplicity that allows the technology to continuously improve and evolve, providing a finished product without comparison on the market – ensuring perfection from the first to the last sheet.

Elevating sustainability, speed and quality to new heights, PCMC’s coreless winding Invisible-O converting technology allows rewinding of high- and low-firmness rolls, for both consumer and away-from-home products. Converters can quickly and easily switch between core and coreless production by filling the hopper with cores or mandrels, and if necessary, changing the transfer glue. The rewinder offers the same accessibility and ease of operation, and requires similar operator skills and diligence, as when running with cores.

“As more consumers make sustainability a priority, converters are considering the benefits this technology provides,” said Gianluca Matelli, Tissue Converting Sales Director EMEA & APAC. “Coreless products promote environmental sustainability and save the raw materials and energy cost of producing and transporting cores. Coreless production with Invisible-O technology requires the same energy in the rewinder as traditional cored products.”

W+D will present its new interfolded line – Ventus-TI – the next-generation high-speed production line for folded facial tissue and hand towels. Ventus-TI features a quick cut-off length changeover and is capable of producing multiple product options within a short time. High efficiency and ease of operation and maintenance are achieved due to its compact layout, unique design and user-friendly SmartTouch© HMI.

Stax will present the easy-to-use Maxima folded tissue wrapper as an end-of-line solution integrated into the Ventus-TI line. It is capable of banding in foil and paper as well as four-sided foil wrapping of towels or napkin stacks, reaching speeds of more than 100 packs/min. The system is fully servo driven, with features including continuous product and foil/ paper feeding, spiral rotary knife, spring-loaded infeed pushers, special accessory for using PE foil.

Embox by Northern Engraving, accessible via laptop, tablet or mobile device, represents the latest innovation in digital tissue paper roll designing. Developed to offer manufacturers unprecedented control over the design process, the software offers a free, secure and collaborative platform that places advanced embossing capabilities at manufacturers’ fingertips.

Built on a database developed over Northern Engraving’s more-than 85-year history, Embox enables the design and implementation of thousands of unique patterns and branding opportunities. Once a pattern is selected, the software automatically proposes design solutions based on established parameters, including material, converting line figuration and end use application. With Embox, manufacturers are assured that the end product will achieve optimal functionality and appearance.