(11/03/2023 / sbr)

Voith and Sun Paper achieve early start-up of Nanning PM 2 and PM 3 packaging paper machines

Recently, Sun Paper's two state-of-the-art packaging paper machines PM 2 and PM 3 were successfully commissioned at the Nanning, China site within one month. PM 3 successfully passed the tests in only three weeks and achieved a record-breaking start-up time of only one hour from stock on wire to the first saleable paper roll.

The exceptional performance is the result of many years of trust and close cooperation between the Sun Paper and Voith teams. The daily exchange of knowledge and thorough project preparation led to significantly reduced downtimes during project implementation.

“PM 2 and PM 3 in Nanning are the 13th and 14th paper machines in the partnership between Sun Paper and Voith. Our long-standing cooperation with Voith has taught us that a good business relationship is not only based on one-time success but also on mutual support and long-term growth,” says Li Lu, Chairman of Sun Holdings Group. “We continue to work closely together in the packaging paper business. From PMs 31/32 and PMs 36/37 in Zoucheng to PM 1/2s in Laos and PMs 2/3 in Nanning, we and Voith have demonstrated through concrete actions that a true partnership is based on deep mutual trust and shared values.”

“The highly efficient implementation and rapid commissioning of the Nanning project is just one example of this successful long-term strategic alliance,” confirms Ying Guangdong, Vice General Manager and Chief Engineer of Sun Paper. “It not only strengthens the cooperation between Sun Paper and Voith in the field of packaging paper but also shows our determination to jointly seek sustainable and innovative solutions.”

Operating efficiency is an important parameter to judge the success of a project, according to Fu Guoling, Project Director of Nanning PM 2/3 and Zoucheng PM 36/37 production line, and continues, “Voith's machines have superior performance: PM 2 reaches designed production within three weeks after start-up, PM 3 within two weeks”, Guoling explains. “The paper is of excellent and stable quality and has been very well received by the market. At the same time, excellent management on both sides has significantly shortened the project duration, resulting in an even faster economic profitability. In addition, the installation of two machines for the left and right sides optimizes the investment by reducing operating and maintenance costs, maximizing the utilization of raw materials, and thus further improving economic return.”

The PM 2 and PM 3 machines in Nanning have a wire width of 7.3 m and has achieved a design speed of 1,200 m/min. PM 2 produces high-quality packaging paper with a basis weight of 140-250 gsm and an annual capacity of around 520,000 tons. PM 3 specializes in high-quality packaging paper with a basis weight between 100-160 gsm and has an annual capacity of around 480,000 tons. As full-line supplier, Voith supplied all components from headbox to reel, including industry-leading automatic control systems and digitalization solutions from the Papermaking 4.0 portfolio, such as MCS, QCS and OnCare.Health.

Kurt Yu, President of Voith Paper Asia, says, “We are very honored to be the key partner in Sun Paper's ambitious plans for the packaging paper sector. Each follow-up order is not only a recognition of the product, but also an expression of appreciation for our many years of trustful cooperation.”

With the successful commissioning of the two machines in Nanning, Sun Paper achieves a significant milestone in the coordinated development of the Guangxi Beihai-Nanning region and its sites in Shandong, Laos and Guangxi. This step strengthens the company's position and promotes the creation of a self-sufficient forest pulp-paper system. Through a low-carbon, circulating production chain, Sun Paper ensures efficient raw material control and strengthens its competitiveness in the market.