(08/16/2022 / sbr)

Emtec Electronic at Progress22

Centered around the theme “Road to bioeconomy,” the line-up for the 20th annual Progress conference will feature topics such as achieving greater resource and energy efficiency, including how to maintain high-quality results in papermaking while at the same time working toward greater sustainability. Visitors to the exhibition after the conference will be able to explore this theme further with presentations such as those from German-based company emtec Electronic. Emtec will be displaying two of its innovations at the event that are geared toward ensuring high product quality and optimizing the papermaking process.

“One of the keys to meeting sustainability goals, while at the same time achieving a greater ROI, has always been to reduce the amount of material waste,” states Alexander Gruener, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager for emtec. “This not only saves on costs, but also minimizes the environmental impact.”

One of these, the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer, objectively measures the micro- and the macro-surface variations (determining softness and roughness) as well as in-plane stiffness of any kind of tissue paper, whether base material or finished products. The TSA delivers precise adjustments along these haptic parameters, with its results correlating nearly completely with traditional hand-panel test results. Its light weight and intuitive design make it a useful and practical substitute for making digital measurements and comparing samples on the go. Compared to hand-panel testing, the TSA saves both on time and material resources, since hand-panels are often time-consuming and costly. This leads to a quick return on investment, in addition to saving on material.

The other instrument on site will be the ACA Ash Content Analyzer, an easily portable digital device that quickly measures the total mineral filler content as well as the individual mineral filler components of paper and board in percent. Compared to the traditional combustion method, the ACA can lead to immense savings of time, energy, and material, since it is non-destructive and the results are available within a minute. Using the ACA allows technicians to reduce the overall consumption of mineral fillers, since the immediate and highly accurate results let them narrow down and meet the specifications for the mineral filler content in the finished product.

Another emtec innovation that guarantees greater process control and optimization is the FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer Online, which will not be on site due to its size. The FPO offers a permanent process control by automatically determining the zeta potential of fibers and fillers quickly and reliably. Data from the FPO allows technicians to change process settings immediately, if necessary, which ultimately helps save money, time and material and therefore paves the way for papermaking 4.0.

Participants of the Progress22 are encouraged to stop by the emtec Electronic booth to speak with Global Sales Manager Ulli Kasten to learn more about how the emtec innovations can help papermakers save on energy and resource costs. Visit the following link for more information about the Progress22 event.