(12/11/2020 / sbr)

Applications for Metsä Group’s summer jobs 2021 now welcome

Metsä Group opened up the application process for next year’s summer jobs today. “We are hiring several hundreds of summer employees in Finland for the period between April and September. The recruitment will be carried out in accordance with the appropriate safety precautions. This year we already carried out the majority of the interviews and inductions of summer employees with the help of remote connections. The application process has been improved to better meet the wishes of summer employees.”

Metsä Group offers summer jobs to students in wood supply, forest services, production, maintenance and in the expert positions of a number of other operations. This year, the application process has been streamed in such a way that each applicant can define the job they are applying for in more detail.

“In Wood Supply and Forest Services, the various tasks being offered as summer jobs are divided according to supply districts and in terms of summer jobs at the mills, we divided the tasks according to the geographic location of each mill. Applications for expert positions are now also easier to choose on the basis of the applicant’s own interests. This provides the applicants with an overall picture of where the jobs that interest them are available. And on the other hand, we can expect a steadier stream of applications for all of the jobs we offer across Finland,” says Pertti Hietaniemi, Senior Vice President, HR, Metsä Group.

“For many young people, a summer job represents the first step towards a career at Metsä. We encourage our personnel to try job rotation, and the accumulation of experiences from diverse tasks during student years will also prove useful in any position whatsoever in the future. 

“Our summer employees have very different backgrounds when it comes to their studies. Traditionally, most of them have been students of technical fields, the forest sector, or commerce, but a lot of other training paths are also represented. The forest industry is enjoying a surge in popularity right now and the importance of the work we do is understood even better than before. I also believe that our ongoing investments and new product development initiatives increase young people’s interest in applying for a job at Metsä, in particular,” says Hietaniemi.

Although the coronavirus year has put many an industry to the test, Metsä Group’s mills have continued to run and the company’s delivery reliability has remained stable, thanks to diligent safety work and a professional personnel. The very apt and flexible summer employees also played their part in this, performing excellently in their jobs despite the exceptional situation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Metsä Group is again participating in Oikotie’s Responsible Summer Job campaign. As an employer, we are committed to implementing the principles of responsibility, which guarantees our summer employees’ a safe and good summer job experience in every respect. Our summer employees also have the opportunity to participate in an extensive summer job survey. The feedback we collect from this survey will allow us to improve our operations even further.”

All of the summer jobs and their locations can be found on the Summer Jobs page of Metsä Group’s website.