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Archroma to highlight eco-advanced solutions for enhanced packaging and paper

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, will be at TAPPI's PaperCon 2018 to highlight Archroma’s solutions and expertise to enhance both the optical and functional properties of board and paper – with a special focus on sustainability. With a one million square foot facility in Martin, South Carolina, the company is one of only a few specialty chemical and dye manufacturers in the US dedicated to serving the paper and textile industry.

Archroma strongly believes, based on its extensive experience in packaging and paper solutions, that sustainability can generate innovation, performance and can even lead to cost reductions for customers.

Visitors at Booth #923 will be able to explore solutions for:

Eco-advanced brightness and whiteness from concentrated Leucophor® liquids

Archroma will take the opportunity of TAPPI's PaperCon to introduce its new patented disulfonated fluorescent whitening agent (FWA), Leucophor® ACK liquid, to North American papermakers. Bringing a new ecological focus to the field of FWA, Archroma’s ultra-concentrated Leucophor® ACK liquid is free of urea and other additives that increase nitrogen load and COD in back- and wastewaters, while its higher actives content brings advantages of fewer deliveries, reduced freight costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions and better use of storage capacity. Leucophor® ACK liquid enables brilliant whiteness in stock and coating applications, and complies with major international eco-labels.

New patented, urea-containing alternative, Leucophor® ACS liquid, retains the advantages of fewer deliveries, reduced freight costs, better use of storage capacity and a lower carbon footprint.

  • Leucophor® ACK liquid has been selected for the TAPPI's PaperCon New Technology Showcase program. Archroma’s global OBA expert Andrew Jackson will deliver a short presentation of the technology on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 around 12:00pm.

Stronger, more sustainable packaging and paper - Cartastrength® & Cartaseal®

Archroma offers a unique system combining: 1) Its Cartastrength® process chemicals to increase the stability of corrugated fiberboard and allow manufacturers to achieve high levels of dry strength with lower amounts of fresh fibers; and 2) the coatings from its Cartaseal® range including fluorine-free alternatives to wax water barriers that facilitate recycling by breaking down during repulping without the need of further additives.

Archroma will present at the booth the latest addition to the range, Cartastrength® HWM liq, which provides high performance wet strength in particular to tissue paper, whist coming in high solids form for low shipping and storage costs. Cartastrength® HWM liq is FDA compliant and displays lower AOX (Adsorbable organic halides) than typical Grade 1 products.

Prevention of stickie and pitch contamination. Pulp & paper deposit control - Cartaspers®

Pitch and stickies are the result of natural resin residues and other adhesive material found in wood fibers and in address labels or self-sealing envelopes. Both can seriously compromise recycled papermaking by clogging up machinery and causing unwanted agglomerations and deposits.

Archroma’s Cartaspers® polymers can solve that problem in different ways. The latest innovation in the range, Cartaspers® PLH liquid, is a single-product breakthrough enabling easy and highly-effective control of pitch and stickies deposition especially in soft water pulp and papermaking environments. Pulp mill tests already report easier application, better performance and significant cost savings compared to alternative deposit control systems.

Cartaspers® is a replacement for talc-based products; it is a liquid form solution offering both consistent quality and easier application than talc. Easy to use and effective in a wide variety of environments, our deposit control polymers reduce downtime, improve end-product quality and bring a host of other economic and ecological advantages.

Eco-advanced, high performance oil and grease barrier for food packaging – Cartaguard®

When applied to products such as fast food boxes and wrappers, pet food packaging, molded pulp plates and boxes containing bouillon cubes, Archroma’s Cartaguard® KST & KMP coatings provide strong and long-lasting barrier against grease and water.

The series includes an additive that has been optimized for the production of molded pulp packaging and can be added to thick stock.

These cationic fluoropolymers have been approved for food contact both by the American FDA and Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

Supporting the next generation of papermakers

Last but not least, Archroma is a proud official sponsor of the TAPPI's 14th Annual Runnability 5k Fun Run/Walk that will take place on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018. The event aims at helping bright students achieve a future career in the pulp and paper industry. All proceeds will go to supporting TAPPI's Scholarship Funds.

“At Archroma, we deliver innovative colors and chemicals to safely enhance your products and brands, while respecting the planet. As we like to say: It’s our nature! We strive to show customers how we can develop creative solutions together and reduce the environmental impact of their products and production processes,” comments Robin McCann, Head of Sales, North America, Packaging & Paper Specialties, at Archroma.

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