(06/19/2020 / sbr)

Drewsen establishes Competence Center for paper straws

Plastic drinking straws are one of the single-use plastic products that will be banned as the result of a European directive (2019/904) from mid-2021. Paper straws are a sustainable alternative.

With the establishment of a Competence Center for drinking straw papers, the speciality paper manufacturer Drewsen wants to make a decisive contribution to the development of high-quality paper drinking straws. The interaction of paper, glue and drinking straw machine are largely unknown. Drewsen is committed to shedding light on this triangle of paper, glue and machine in more detail and has therefore installed a paper straw machine and additional processing systems for straws at their headquarters in Lachendorf earlier this year. With this step, Drewsen combines the expertise in paper and drinking straw production under one roof in order to develop the best possible drinking straw paper for the market.

In order to understand the market requirements, and to find the right solutions, Drewsen relies on close and open cooperation with all market participants: This includes glue manufacturers, machine manufacturers and straw producers. Together, the best paper solutions - in terms of quality, costs and ecological sustainability - are to be developed for the drinking straw made of paper.