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FPInnovations and Fisher International Join Forces

to provide mills with comparative & comprehensive benchmarking. A true self-analysis is key to achieving a competitive advantage. Once you begin applying successful strategies to your own organization, you’ll be proactively contributing to its health and competitiveness.

FPInnovations and Fisher International Partner to Offer Unique Insights on Bleached Kraft Pulps and on Business Intelligence

For the first time, FPInnovations has collaborated with Fisher International this year to offer you, members and partners, with a unique opportunity to benchmark the quality of your fully bleached kraft pulp as well as to provide  business intelligence reports.

A series of tests used to characterize pulps and evaluate their papermaking potential will be conducted. The reports issued cover an array of bleached kraft pulps criteria and properties. Any specific information pertaining to the mills, such as process conditions or type of end-use products for which the pulp is intended, will remain strictly confidential.

Critical to your success is also the ability to bring to the surface essential data points that could drive your competitiveness and economic health, more specifically global benchmarking in cost comparison, total mill viability, and carbon emissions.

Sample submissions are being accepted between now and May 1, 2018. FPInnovations members benefit from an exclusive discount on FPInnovations’ benchmarking of bleached kraft pulps.

Click here for more information.

rkj / 02/20/2018

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