ABB launches L&W S-Tester

for predicting compressive yield strength of fluting medium. The L&W S-Tester is based on a new, quick test method for determining the quality of fluting medium in corrugated packaging material. It expands ABB’s laboratory quality measurement offering to help paper producers improve quality and reduce costs.

The S-test method was developed by a group of fluting producers (CCB-CEPI) to provide a more reliable and easy measurement method than the time-consuming flat crush of corrugating medium CMT test (Concora Medium Test). This new test method can be fully automated.

The new S-test method correlates well with the compressive yield strength potential of fluting medium in a CMT test. This yield strength is more relevant than standard CMT when predicting the ability of fluting medium to keep the liners apart, without losing its own strength in a corrugated board construction.

The L&W S-Tester will provide quick and accurate feedback; it can also perform automated S-tests in L&W Autoline (complete paper quality measuring system) to add even more impact to mills producing fluting-medium when it comes to saving production costs. These measurements will help to reduce energy consumption through the elimination of over-refining, optimize the use of starch additives, and improve overall quality by generating a uniform paper product.

”This test method, developed by a group of industry partners, is now offered as a fully-supported product only by ABB,” says Thomas Fürst, Global Product Manager, ABB Pulp & Paper products.

rkj / 02/13/2017

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