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The bio-fibre magazine supplement covers new kinds of paper-like materials and biocomposites or bioplastics based on wood fibers, innovative products made from or with micro- and nanofibrillated cellulose, green chemicals and ingredients as well as second- and third-generation biofuels. The unique feature of the bio-fibre magazine is its focus on raw material containing lignocellulose. Next to wood this is agricultural residue (e.g. cereal straw, corn stover, bagasse) or energy crops (like miscanthus, switchgrass) and alguea – as these bio fibers are perfectly sustainable and do not create competition for the production of food!

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Issue 1-2/2020

  • Ametek: Surface Inspection for Metallized Paper Production.
  • Fibre Technology: Pulp & Paper Industry-Efficiency 4.0.
  • Shorter Rotation Time: Fast Growing Larch Hybrids as a Potential Resource for Kraft Pulping.
  • Recycling Fashion: How old PET Bottles are Turned into Jackets.

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