(11/01/2022 / sbr)

Conversion from gas to light heating oil – the first milestone has been reached

At the beginning of August 2022, Feldmuehle GmbH informed that it would switch its steam supply from gas to light heating oil in Q4/22 in order to be able to continue production in the event of a gas shortage. Now the first big step has been taken. On 26.10.2022, the burners and pressure control station for the steam boiler were delivered and lifted into the power plant.

The burner heads are injection heads of the very latest design, which are not only suitable for operation with gas or oil, but also for operation with hydrogen later on, if the supply situation allows. In the short term, this expansion measure will ensure the continued operation of production even in the event of a gas shortage and thus guarantee the supply of our customers.

In the medium and long term, of course, the goal of a carbon neutral operation shall not get out of sight.