(05/06/2022 / sbr)

19 May 2022: Tissue Innovation Day

In anticipation of iT's Tissue 2022, Körber Business Area Tissue is organizing a special edition of the Tissue Innovation Days on 19 May, where customers and partners can discover the Körber ecosystem. During these sessions, dedicated to the new “one-stop-shop“ philosophy, Körber will reveal the advantages of the system that is capable of integrating all the technologies involved in the tissue converting process, from raw material to finished product and distribution logistics.

“At Körber Business Area Tissue we believe in the value of relationships and the continuous exchange of information, and the Tissue Innovation Days represent a key to communicate, learn about the changing demands of the market, and our customers’ needs,” comment Mauro Luna, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Körber Business Area Tissue.

“Innovation and the search for effective solutions in line with the needs of the market, are elements that distinguish our approach to business. We create technologies that can best support the corporate business with the awareness that only by building an ecosystem of advanced and integrated solutions it is possible to assume the role of strategic partner.”

By attending this online webinar you will be able to:

  • Discover the full potential of new Körber Business Area Tissue ecosystem.
  • Learn more about the technologies that the company offers to the tissue market.
  • Listen to experts and exchange ideas and know-how.
  • Define needs and discover changing solutions for your business.

To subscribe to the webinar just register at the following link: