(12/21/2021 / sbr)

Voith: Automatic outer layer gluing system TailFix

For a more efficient and stable paper production, Voith presents the new automatic outer layer gluing system TailFix. In the edge area of the parent roll, the solution reliably fixes the loose paper ends with a special glue and thus prevents the occurrence of flying paper shreds. Paper breaks, rejects and malfunctions at the reel, winder and calender can thus be prevented.

At the same time, automatic outer layer gluing reduces the amount of cleaning required, thereby increasing work safety in the area of the reel. Within a short time, the compact and space-saving TailFix system can be installed on the MasterReel and Sirius on new and existing paper machines for graphic paper as well as board and packaging.

“The implementation of TailFix was easy and smooth,” says Andreas Jäger, mill manager at MM Neuss GmbH. “The improvement is remarkable – since we started using Voith's automatic outer layer gluing system, we have had no web breaks due to flying paper shreds during our reeling process. In addition, we now have significantly less downtime on the reel and winder.”

During designing, Voith paid special attention to an extremely compact and space-saving design as well as good accessibility for service and maintenance. The cold glue used was specially developed for this application and is characterized by an extremely fast and strong adhesive effect. In addition, the glue meets all essential environmental and food safety requirements, enabling it to be repulped without leaving residues.

The application is already being used by several customers globally. “Before we installed TailFix, we manually tried to keep paper shreds out of critical areas during operation at high production speeds,” says Hongtao Li, Production Manager for Shanying Huazhong PM 22. “Now, with the automatic glue application system, this is no longer necessary. With the help of TailFix, we have been able to significantly increase our work safety and machine efficiency during reeling. Because paper shreds no longer get into the winder either, efficiency in downstream processes has also been improved.”

The TailFix system combines perfectly with the EcoChange W turn-up system, which is installed on the Sirius and MasterReel. The EcoChange W enables a turn-up efficiency of over 99 percent and a significant increase in machine performance. Over the entire life cycle, Voith experts offer suitable services at regular intervals.