(11/17/2021 / sbr)

Valmet launches winder diagnostics to secure winder runnability

As part of the Industrial Internet offering, Valmet has developed winder diagnostics to help board and paper customers optimize the overall performance of their winder. Winder diagnostics is an essential part of a winder reliability agreement.

The service ensures better maintenance predictability which in turn means fewer unplanned stops and improved performance of the winder. It provides information from the winder enabling quick reactions to sudden abnormalities and prompt scheduling of maintenance actions.

Collaboration drives development forward

Valmet Winder Diagnostics has been developed in close collaboration with selected customer mills to ensure its usability and usefulness.

“The collaboration with mills was started at a very early stage of the development process. It has been very important to exchange ideas and development needs and receive feedback from genuine user experiences all along the way. We also used the Valmet Customer Portal as the common communication platform,” says Markku Savioja, Global Product Manager, Board and Paper Service Technology at Valmet.

Technical information about Valmet Winder Diagnostics

Valmet Winder Diagnostics is available for all types of winders, and any board or paper mill can be connected to the service. The application always comes with a Valmet Performance Center (VPC) remote support agreement as a minimum. Through the agreement, customers can consult Valmet’s experts and receive remote support to ensure winder runnability. The experts will take action based on the results of the data analysis as well as giving recommendations on value-adding services.

Winder Diagnostics runs in Valmet’s cloud environment and analyzes and visualizes the data received from the winder. The application is accessed through the Valmet Customer Portal, and both the customer and Valmet have the same view.

Valmet is continuously looking for new ways to utilize data efficiently to take the customers’ operations forward. Winder Diagnostics is part of Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) solutions for Machine Diagnostics.