(01/27/2021 / sbr)

The paper revolution

With its advances in the development of environmentally friendly, sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions, Sappi has proven itself to be a pioneer in sustainability. To learn how the paper manufacturer is deeply revolutionizing the packaging industry and the types of challenges it has to overcome, watch the new episode of Blue Couch at 10 a.m. (CET) on Wednesday 3 February at

  • Subject: (R)Evolution of Paper Packaging
  • Guests on the Blue Couch: Sales Director Michael Bethge and Head of Business Development René Köhler
  • Wednesday, 3 February at 10 a.m. (CET)

For many food and drinks products, innovative paper packaging with integrated barriers has become a genuine alternative to conventional packaging methods and demand is increasing. More and more companies from a wide range of industries are looking to embrace sustainable packaging and optimal protection solutions for their products. Accordingly, Sappi has expanded its portfolio of recyclable barrier papers and is offering businesses a wide range of innovative packaging paper materials.

In his role as Sales Director Consumer Goods and Self Adhesives, Michael Bethge has witnessed many trends in the packaging industry. He will be a guest on Sappi’s Blue Couch along with René Köhler, Head of Business Development Packaging Solutions, where they will explain what the (r)evolution in paper packaging is all about. They will be discussing a wide range of subjects, from multi-layer laminates to fully recyclable mono-papers with barriers and heat sealing capability. To learn about the new developments and enhancements that Sappi is currently working on, as well as the challenges it is facing in relation to technology and sustainability, watch the new episode of Blue Couch at 10 a.m. (CET) on Wednesday 3 February.

Industry talk from the Blue Couch

Blue Couch is the new monthly industry and expert discussion from Sappi. Fascinating guests offer an insight into the workings of the company and the future of the paper industry, with reference to new products, innovations and sustainability.